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JTBNV252 1/8"2 1/8 +" - Off-White Root, Very Dark Blue EnamelVery Nice Specimen$160.00
Out of stock
JTBNV262 1/16+"2 1/16+" - Light Tan Root, Light Green EnamelNice Serrations and Beautiful Color$105.00
Out of stock
JTBNV222 3/16 +"2 3/16+" - White Root, Deep Ocean Blue EnamelExcellent Serrations.$160.00v
JTBNV233 7/16+"3 7/16+" - Light Tan Root, Light Gray Blue EnamelHuge Bone Valley Tooth$305.00w
JTBNV202 3/4 +"2 3/4" - Gray Tan Root, Ocean Blue EnamelBeautiful Bone Valley Tooth$260.00t
JTBNV212 15/16"2 15/16" - Charcoal Gray Root, Gray Dark Blue EnamelThe Perfect Present$185.00u
JTBNV192 3/4 +"2 3/4+" - Off White Root, Dark Blue EnamelSymmetrical Beauty$260.00s
JTBNV182 7/16+"2 7/16" - White Root, Dark Blue EnamelOwn This tooth NOW$205.00r
JTBNV162 7/16+"2 7/16+" - White Root, Multi-Colored Ocean Blue EnamelBeautiful Coloration$205.00
Out of stock
JTBNV172 7/16+"2 7/16" - Light Tan Root, Multi-Colored Ocean Blue Enamel$160.00q
JTBNV132 11/16+"2 11/16+" - Light Brown Root, Dark Blue EnamelHooked Posterior$205.00m
JTBNV142 7/8 +"2 7/8" - Dark Brown Root, Green Tan EnamelSerrated Posterior$260.00n
JTBNV152 1/16+"2 1/16" - Off White Root, Dark Gray EnamelGreat Serrations$130.00o
JTBNV112 11/16+"2 11/16" - Tan Root, Light Gray EnamelVery Symmetrical$205.00k
JTBNV122 1/2+"2 1/2+" - Light Brown Root, Light Tan EnamelBeautiful Symmetry$205.00l
JTBNV82 7/16+"2 7/16+" - Off White Root, Ocean Blue EnamelBeautifully Shaped Bone Valley Meg$205.00h
JTBNV92 7/16+"2 7/16+" - White Root, Ocean Blue EnamelVery Beefy Root$205.00i
JTBNV102 11/16+"2 11/16+" - Off White Root, Dark Blue Enamel Very Symmetrical Tooth$205.00
Out of stock
JTBNV42 5/16+"2 5/16 +" - Off White Root, Green & Tan EnamelBeautiful Bolord$135.00d
JTBNV52 3/16 +"2 3/16+" - Charcoal Gray Root, Ocean Blue EnamelVery Serrated Beauty$160.00e
JTBNV62 1/4 "2 1/4" - Charcoal Gray Root, Green Gray EnamelFantastic Bone Valley Meg$205.00f
JTBNV72 1/4 "2 1/4" - Off White Root, Gray Blue EnamelWide Beauty$160.00g
JTBNV32 +"2+" - Off White Root, Blue Gray EnamelLustrous Shine$160.00c
JTBNV11 15/16 "1 15/16+" - Off White Root, Dark Blue EnamelHighly Serrated$205.00a
JTBNV22 1/16+"2 1/16+" - Charcoal Gray Root, Green Gray EnamelSerrated Beauty$205.00b
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