About Us

In business since 1991, we are one of the online pioneers for shark teeth sales.
We have been providing dealers, retailers, and collectors with shark teeth for over 30 years!
We have a massive inventory to choose from with more being added every day.
We stand behind our product and our listings and guarantee them to be accurate or your money back.
We carry partial, restored, commercial, and collector grade teeth.
Our teeth are sourced from South Carolina, New Caledonia, Chile, Peru, and many other locations worldwide.

John Taylor is an Ex Navy Diver and has been an Under Water Commercial Paleontologist for over 30 Years.  
John continues to dive and bring up treasures from the local rivers and oceans.

Russell Taylor, Recently retired from the Coast Guard and is currently getting his degree in Geology from the College of Charleston and has had lifelong interest in Gems and Minerals
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