Polished 6 Inch Fossil Megalodon Shark Teeth

Megalodon Tooth

These Beautiful Megalodon Shark Teeth for sale have been professionally polished on a lapidary machine which involves a 13-step process using 6 different diamond grit wheels. Lapidary machines are commonly used to polish semi-precious stones, fossil wood, Ammonites, and a variety of other fossils. We use a Lapidary machine to take out nature’s defects such as feeding damage or peeled enamel producing amazing contrast and an attractive lustrous shine. Polished megalodon shark teeth are a beautiful and eye-catching sight. The polishing process enhances the natural beauty of the teeth, revealing their intricate details and unique patterns. In addition to being attractive, polished megalodon shark teeth are also educational and valuable. They are a tangible reminder of a time when these giant Megalodon sharks ruled the seas. There is trending popularity in making smaller megalodon teeth into shark teeth necklaces and other jewelry. Larger teeth are displayed in your home or office, or they can be given as a gift to someone who has it all and has an interest in Natural History / Paleontology. Please be sure to check out our Largest Megalodon shark tooth, other Megalodon shark teeth, Megalodon shark tooth stands, Fossil books, and shark tooth necklaces. We also carry other species such as Great White shark teeth, Extinct Great White, Threshers, Mako, Auriculatis, and Angustiden. If you don’t see the right Megalodon shark tooth for sale you’re looking for please ask. Don’t forget to join our Mailing list to Get discounts on new inventory updates.

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Huge Polished Megalodon Shark Tooth - #1
6 1/16" - Polished Megalodon Tooth with Brown Root and Dark Brown and Tan Enamel
Huge Polished Megalodon Shark Tooth #2
6 1/16" - Polished Megalodon Tooth Dark Brown Root Dark Brown Enamel Repaired
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