3.25-Inch Genuine Megalodon Tooth


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3 1/4″ – Megalodon Shark Tooth with Brown Root with Gray Enamel

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This genuine 3.25-inch Megalodon shark tooth boasts a beautiful brown root and glistening gray enamel. Megalodons were the largest sharks to ever live, reigning the oceans millions of years ago. Their teeth are some of the most fascinating fossils available, offering a glimpse into this bygone era.

Display this awe-inspiring fossil in your collection or gift it to the shark enthusiast in your life. Each Megalodon tooth is unique, and yours will surely be a conversation starter.

  • Features:
    • Genuine Megalodon Shark Tooth
    • Measures 3.25 inches long
    • Brown Root with Gray Enamel
    • Authentic Fossil (Millions of Years Old)
    • Free Shipping & Fast Worldwide Delivery

Order your Megalodon tooth today and own a piece of prehistoric history!

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3 1/4"

Megalodon Shark Tooth
3.25-Inch Genuine Megalodon Tooth