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Off the coast of South Carolina, a herd of enormous Sperm Whales blow huge geysers from their spouts and roll around making huge splashing sounds. As these large, harmless creatures play on this sunny day, one of the whales spots a suspicious shadow lurking and circling the herd 150 yards off . She sounds the alarm in a low-pitch howl. The whales close the herd and with powerful strokes of their tail, they start swimming in a forward panicked motion.

Two of the larger males noticed immediately that some of the small calves have fallen behind. Two of the most massive males fall back on each side of the calves to protect them as the rest of the heard heads for safety. Then one of the calves in fear tries to swim past the giant males to catch its mother. The lurking shadow darts towards the helpless calf. The calf freezes in utter terror as it watches this 60ft' beast moves in for the kill opening its mouth with row after row of razor sharp teeth . It was the jaws of certain death !! The MEGALODON !!!

The jaws of certain death. The Carcharodon Megalodon (Giant Great White) was the largest prehistoric carnivorous vertebrate that ever roamed our oceans. This species lived approximately 2 to 28 million years ago. This beast lived to exceed 60ft, three times the length of a large great white. The shark in the movie Jaws was not even this large. Divers and fossil hunters have found their fossilized teeth as big as 7 5/8 inches. These shark teeth have been found in phosphate mines and rivers in places such as California, Florida, North Carolina , Virginia and especially South Carolina (Cooper River). Other shark teeth can be found in these rivers and mines as well such as Great White, Angustidon, Auriculatus, Tiger Shark, Mako, Thresher, and Benedeni . Sharks are known to feast on whales, turtles, sea lions and other fish. Occasionally you might be able to see the serrated tooth slashes through other fossilized animal remains. I invite you to view and enjoy my collection of shark teeth and remember I carry a great deal more than what you see here.